Hello World!

Hello Friends!

I'm trying something new with how I deliver information on the future of Nezumi Racing and our plans for the what's to come. If you haven't noticed already I frequently refer to Nezumi Racing as "us" and that's because there's actually two rats who work in the background to bring you stickers.

Sticker aren't where we're stopping however, there's a new tab teasing apparel on the site and it's true we'll be selling shirts very soon. The first designs will be a few of our popular stickers with heat transfer vinyl. We've also got a unique logo that will be releasing on hoodies likely in January after the shirts(because it's expensive to stock apparel and we don't have enough for both shirts and hoodies lol(╥﹏╥)).

It's a policy of ours to never sell stock that we don't actually have physically ready to ship customers. It's pretty inconvenient and people email us a ton asking when stuff is restocking and usually we've got no clue(wakarimasen lol¯\_(ツ)_/¯). HOWEVER! This will not be the case for shirts and I'll make this clear on our product pages, we've found a supplier that is able to get us shirts delivered within 2-3 business days and this will add a delay for people wanting shirts BUT(!) everyone who wants a shirt will eventually get one even if we don't physically have the stock. I personally hate the hype beast culture of today's sticker vendors and "drops" as they call them. Pre-orders are also mega gay and good designs shouldn't be limited! And they shouldn't be rotated around in pursuit of profit. This- is cringe. So there may be a slight delay from when you order a shirt and us actually making the stock. I'll include a never before seen picture of one of our new shirts below!

I also have some additional exciting news. Nezumi Racing is working on getting a Washington State Used Auto Dealer License. This will allow us to sell used cars and motorcycles/scooters(this includes cool Nipponga imports ☆). This likely won't be completed until sometime in January of 2023 and I'll provide more updates once it's officially official ᕙ( •̀ ᗜ •́ )ᕗ.

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